Barakal Coffee

We are a company located in the southwest of Colombia, dedicated to collecting special, premium, and exotic coffees of the highest quality, in a union of peasant families who, by ancestral tradition, cultivate and process the product in a handicraft way, using cultivation, harvesting, and roasting techniques to offer the best coffee.



In our company, we are committed to collecting and offering the highest quality coffee to our customers while maintaining sustainable and ethical practices throughout our supply chain. We strive to support the local communities where coffee is grown and processed, promoting social well-being and equity.



We envision ourselves as an innovative and high-end company in the coffee industry that uses cutting-edge technologies and practices to continuously improve the quality of our coffee and ensure a truly delightful and satisfying experience for our customers worldwide, supporting economic and social development through our responsible practices.

About us


We are an interdisciplinary team with 35 years of experience in exporting commercial, special, and premium coffees. Committed to sustainability, ethics, and excellence throughout our supply chain.

We support certified Colombian cooperatives and associations of small coffee growers, seeking to bring consumers closer to an organic origin coffee culture with environmental protection awareness. We offer the experience of consuming a good cup of 100% organic and 100% Colombian coffee.


Mon -Sat 8 am - 6pm


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Cali- Colombia

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